"Custom Creations"

As experienced jewelers, we are able to bring any jewelry idea, sketch or though to life (as long as its physically possible).  

Whether you have a clear image of your dream design or a fleeting, unfinished idea of the direction you would like to embark on, we are here to assist and make it all a reality. 

Please follow these steps if you would like go through our Custom Creation route.

1. Describe and show your desired design as much as you can through the help of keywords, phrases, images, photos, videos, or samples. 

2. Check out our Catalogs or Design Library (with thousands of preexisting styles) for inspiration, reference, or you might even find exactly what you imagined.

3. After narrowing down on any design, we are able to provide you with a same-day quote and analysis. We will explain all the details of the design process and approximate manufacturing time frame. Usually, the sketch, CAD rendering design process will take approximately 1.5 weeks, while manufacturing will take approximately 3 weeks. 

4. Provide us with a design deposit ($300 or 5% of  a high-end estimated creation), and we will begin creating a sketch for your approval (2-4 days).  You are able to comment and edit, beginning at this stage. 

5. Move on towards CAD renderings, which will provide more in-depth analysis of the design (5-7 days). 

6. After finalizing the renderings, the metal-work of the piece will begin.  If the piece is over $10,000, we will show the 3D wax printed samples in-person. A 50% deposit of the price will be required at this stage.  

7. Receive your finished piece after the quoted time-frame.  

8. Enjoy the lifetime wear and symbolism of your own creation.