Transform extraordinary gifts into treasures that will last a lifetime.

King Street Diamonds carries a wide variety of items that can be engraved, including most of our wristwatches, band rings, picture frames, charms, lockets, baby gifts, and signet rings.

Whether you desire a personalized message, monogram, family crest, corporate logo, scanned signature, or even a rendering of a beloved pet, our engravers will recommend a machine or hands-on approach to create a work of art that will be cherished for generations. We offer a wide selection of fonts and images for engraving.

Note: King Street Diamonds will not only engrave items purchased from our website or in one of our stores, but also any type of jewelry or watches you bring in.

Hammer & chisel.

Up until the 1990s, all engravings were performed by Master Engravers using a graver and a little elbow grease. These days a laser engraver has allowed for more complicated and precise machine engraving, though for many personal engraving projects on engagement or family signet rings, we still recommend hand-engraving. The old ways are the best ways.

We're here.

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